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Vinita (23 yrs.), married, housewife, mother of one son

Vinita's husband works as a teacher at a government school, because of this their monthly income is higher than most of the people in their slum. They approximately get 15 000 rupees a month. The school Mr. Singh is working at is 125 km away and that means he wakes up early and comes home late in the evening.

  1. Are you happy with your life?
    Yes, I am very happy because my family has always been there for me during my chose of husband and other decisions I have had to take. The people around me have been very supportive no matter what the matter has been. And one of my main reason for happiness is my little and adorable son at age of 2.

  2. If you could choose any occupation what would it be and why is it a interests of yours?
    If I could work it would be something that included teaching, because I want to teach people thing and I think education is very important. Myself I have a higher education in art and my son is also going for higher education when he gets older. Success is what I want for my little boy and a great life.

  3. Are you happy with the government job in this slum?
    I am not happy with the governments work in this area because there is a lot of things that could be better and should be better. Like water facilities, because the water is available only one hour per day and that leads to a lot of different diseases. The government should also make the streets in this community safer because after eight its dangerous to go around alone or to be outside at all. This is because of the drunken men outside.
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