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Sarita (17 yrs.), school girl, not married

Sarita goes to a private school and takes classes like arts, history, sociology and politics. Her dreams are to become good at computer knowledge and have a job in that field.

  1. Are you happy with your life?
    For now I am happy with my life because of the support I get from my family and I can choose whatever I want to work with. Another reason is that I am not married in a young age because if I was I couldn’t take the education I am taking now. Both I and my family are expecting a better future then many of the girls in the community have. I really think education before marriage is important.

  2. Are you happy with the government's job in this area?
    I am not happy with their work and can name several things I can complain about. First of all the water should be more available then only one hour a day. We fill our tanks with 100 liter water that have to last for 24 hours and that’s not easy cause we use the water for drinking, taking a bath, wash dishes, make dinner and several other things. The second thing is that they cut the electricity for almost 5 hours per day round summer times. The third and most important issue we have here and one of the main reasons young people drop out of school is because the teacher in government schools around this area doesn’t take their job any seriously.
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