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Being a girl or a woman in Jaipurs slum areas comes with a lot of duties, responsibilities, and expectations – expectations from the woman’s own family, as well as from the community she lives in. Not only is she expected to learn and fulfill domestic duties from an early age, amongst other she is also expected to obey rather than to make her own decisions: before marriage to her parents, and after marriage to her husband and her in-laws.

In spite of or maybe even due to these demanding circumstances, a lot of the women have developed an immense inner strength, not merely coping with their daily challenges, but finding pleasure in their lives. This form of contentedness might be rooted in the Indian somewhat fatalistic approach to life itself, due to not daring to dream, or due to not even knowing what might be possible. But, it is just as well due to the habit to look at the good more than at the bad sides of life.

Please read some portraits of the inspiring women living in Jaipur and learn more about them and their approach to life:
  1. Papo
  2. Vinita
  3. Sarita
  4. Dangubai
  5. Janki Devi
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