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Gender equality across the world

The fight for women’s rights and gender equality looks back on a century-long history across the world. Especially in the societies of the Western hemisphere, this fight has achieved tremendous changes; but surprisingly some of these changes happened only recently. In Germany, for example, a wife had to get her husband’s permission if she wanted to work, to make sure she would not neglect her domestic duties, until recently as 1977; in Switzerland, women’s right to vote was first established only in 1971 and it took 20 more years until it was universal, when the last district (the Kanton Appenzell Innerrhoden) was forced to implement it in 1990. And even though the Equal Pay Act introduced the concept of equal pay for work of equal value in 1970 in the UK, a UK research in 2010 found that female accountants still earn up to 60% less than men. Obviously, women’s situation and gender equality is on a different level in India, where the gap is much wider, but the examples demonstrate two things:

1. Change is possible!
2. But it takes time…

Clearly, it will take a long time for women to be treated and valued equally to men in India, and in many other parts of the world.
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