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  1. Where does SAARTHAK work?

    SAARTHAK runs initiatives in different states of India such as Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Goa. The project areas are located in remote, rural areas as well as in larger cities such as Jaipur (Rajasthan).

  2. Which causes does SAARTHAK address?

    SAARTHAK runs initiatives which aim to bring about sustainable social change. We believe that women and girl child-centric activities are the key to this change, because women usually have greater influence over the education and health of their children. When women are able to take more control at home, their lives improve, and whole families can become empowered. Consequently our projects focus on education, capacity building and women empowerment through “learning and earning”, as well as advocacy programs.

  3. Why should I as an individual donate to SAARTHAK? Will my contributions make a difference?

    Individual donations are the most flexible type of funding we receive and are essential to SAARTHAK’s growth and stability.

    All donations no matter how large or small make a big difference. With $10 you can fund the monthly demand for material at a Day Care Center for infants; $50 can cover the costs of the tailoring training for one woman; $250 cover the expenses to send a child to school for one year; and $10,000 can fund a whole year of activities for infants, children and women at one of our project sites.

    Your individual support also enables SAARTHAK to conduct its work in general, for example paying staff salaries and day to day administrative costs, and the purchase of necessary office equipment which all make our work possible.

  4. How can I be sure my money will go to the right people and will be used well?

    SAARTHAK chooses its project areas and beneficiaries very carefully to make sure that the initiatives are run for those who benefit the most. Our on-site staff members hold close links to the communities we work with and to the beneficiaries of each project, ensuring that families most in need of change participate in our programs.

  5. Can I restrict my giving to one specific project?

    You may restrict your donation to a project area of your choice, but not to a specific individual.

  6. Can I sponsor an individual child through SAARTHAK?

    The sponsorship of an individual child is a very complex undertaking that involves high administrative costs to maintain contact between the child and donor. As a comparatively small NGO, this would drain our resources and increase administrative costs, because it would keep us busy with the donor’s concerns, distracting from the overall women empowerment work (encouraging the child to write letters and send them to the donor, and vice versa, etc.).

    Therefore, whilst individual child sponsoring is not possible, you might be interested to know, that we do run scholarship programs, which you can donate to if you so wish. The scholarship program supports children in selected project areas e.g. in Ambedkar Nagar, Jaipur, so that they can go to a private school, where education and facilities are generally of higher quality than in the governmental run public schools.

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