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Donations Policy


SAARTHAK is funded from different sources such as foundations, the private sector, and individuals. Relying on different sources of income helps SAARTHAK to maintain its independence. Funding may be unrestricted or tied to specific projects.

SAARTHAK must not risk jeopardising its reputation for honesty, openness and integrity. Its reputation could be compromised if a SAARTHAK body received funding from sources that were perceived to be pursuing activities inconsistent with SAARTHAK’s mission.

It is SAARTHAK’s policy to accept funding from any donor, whether monetary or in kind, provided that acceptance does not:

- Impair SAARTHAK’s independence to pursue its mission
- Endanger its integrity and reputation


This Policy applies to all fundraising, regardless of types of donor or amounts involved, unless otherwise stated in this document. It is to be applied to all new funding from existing donors and to all new donors in the future. Appropriate care to protect the reputation of SAARTHAK should always be taken.


  1. To maintain SAARTHAK’s independence funding should be sought from a wide range of sources.

  2. Donations may be made by individuals, by corporations, by foundations and other legal entities. This does not imply any endorsement of a donating company's policies or record. SAARTHAK will not accept a donation from a company that is found to have engaged in corruption unless the company can demonstrate that this was a violation of the company's policies, that breach of these policies are being addressed in an appropriate manner, or that its policies have been amended to proscribe a similar violation in future. SAARTHAK works with companies on the understanding that they are working towards a business environment in which bribery is not accepted.

  3. Any donation to SAARTHAK must be able to stand up to public scrutiny. SAARTHAK’s independence requires that a donor may be subject to the same criticism by SAARTHAK as any other organisation or individual in a comparable situation. A donor accused of having been involved in corruption can expect no protection from SAARTHAK.

  4. Whereas donors might choose to donate to a specific project, the designated use within the specific project is incumbent to SAARTHAK. Care should be taken to ensure that project-related funding does not result in undue influence over SAARTHAK’s program work.

  5. In case SAARTHAK raises funds for a specific prpose, SAARTHAK is liable to use these funds solely for that specific purpose. In case more funds than required were raised to sponsor the activity, then and only then, the surplus may be used for a different purpose.

  6. Each SAARTHAK body should list all donations over RS 100,000 and publicly disclose them, including in the Annual Report and on its website. If there is a significant risk that receiving funds from a particular source would impair SAARTHAK's independence or if there is a significant risk to SAARTHAK's reputation from public association with the donor, then funding from that source must not be accepted.


It is the responsibility of SAARTHAK’s staff and General Council to ensure that SAARTHAK’s independence and reputation are not jeopardised. The procedure below describes the steps which should be followed when a staff or member of the Council believes that SAARTHAK has accepted, or is considering accepting, funding from an inappropriate source.

  1. If any staff or member of the Council is concerned that there is a threat to SAARTHAK’s independence or reputation from donations already received, or about to be accepted, the person(s) should draw this to the attention of the manager or Chair of the General Council.

  2. If necessary, the manager or Chair of General Council will consult with the Executive Committee and seek their advice on whether to accept funding from a specific donor.

  3. If SAARTHAK accepts more than 1 crore (or an amount greater than 40% of its overall budget) from any private company in a year, this should be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee for their advice.

  4. The Executive Committee will report to the General Council all guidance given under this procedure.

Please note:

SAARTHAK is a registered under the Societies Act of 1860. It is registered under the Foreign Contributions Registration Act (FCRA) of 1976 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs permitting it to receive foreign donations. Domestic donations are exempted for Income Tax purposes under 80G of the Income Tax Act.
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